Determination of lead and cadmium contents

The average value for lead However, all the products exhibited higher level of Pb than Cd and Ni. Recovery of total arsenic, cadmium, and lead from rice sample submitted to different preparation procedures ashing in muffle oven, acid digestion under heating on metallic block or hot plate, and acid digestion assisted by microwave radiation.

The linearity of the calibration curve was evaluated by investigating the correlation coefficient of the calibration curves.

The mean recoveries for lead and cadmium were If we express the dietary intake of lead and cadmium in a percentage of PTWI, the intake of lead and cadmium through sausages results in 0.

Greece products showed comparatively higher levels than UAE products and the levels were nondetectable in products of Saudi Arabia. Higher level of Pb, Cd and Ni were recorded in syrup than suspension and local product showed higher levels of Pb and Cd than exported Determination of lead and cadmium contents except Ni, where the product of Australia contained higher level of Ni than local products.

The maximum daily ingested masses of Pb from these products were higher than Cd and Ni.

Determination of lead, cadmium and arsenic in infusion tea cultivated in north of Iran

It is the only product available under this category in UAE Pharmaceutical markets. The samples were heated on hot plate until the solutions were clear.

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Plants receive these trace elements from growth media [ 11 ]; other sources include application of pesticides and fertilizers [ 12 ]. Introduction Industrial evolutions, the intense use of raw materials and agricultural technology have all somehow improved our lifestyle while simultaneously polluting the natural environment.

LODs and LOQs results were considered acceptable as the values were below the limits established by the Brazilian legislation for arsenic, lead, and cadmium for rice and its derivatives: The daily dietary intakes and the percentage contribution of the two considered metals to provisional tolerable weekly intake PTWI were calculated for sausages.

Pollution of the environment with heavy metals, which is recognized in most countries of the world, is a serious problem Abou-Arab, The data obtained indicated that only the consumption of brown rice can represent risk to Brazilian population.

There were no local products available to compare with the exported one. Skin lesions, peripheral neuropathy, and anemia are characteristics of chronic arsenic intake.

The recorded level of Pb was 0. In addition, fluoride concentration is usually very high in black tea [ 13 ]. Lead contents in different brands of these sausages were quite variable such as brand A More essays like this: Conclusion The levels of lead and cadmium in different types of sausages with several major brands marketed in Iran were determined by a suitable and sensitive method GFAAS.

Determination of Lead and Cadmium Contents in Sausages from Iran Essay Sample

The solutions were then allowed to cool and sonicated for five minutes. Lead concentrations in sausage samples The concentrations of lead in different types of cooked beef sausages are presented in Table 3 as means with standard deviation. Metal contamination can take place during the handling and processing of foods, from the farm to the point of consumption.

In a study the concentration of Aluminum was determined in black tea infusion samples [ 17 ]. In all of the investigations, the cadmium levels were lower than those recommended by the Brazilian legislation.

The mean concentration of cadmium 5.

Lead, Cadmium and Nickel Contents of Some Medicinal Agents

Regarding the parboiled, polished, and brown rice samples analyzed, the concentrations of total arsenic, cadmium, and lead were lower than the established limits according to the Brazilian legislation, Codex Alimentarius, and European Community, except for total arsenic in one sample.

In all of the analyzed samples, the results indicated that the lead concentrations were lower than the maximum value allowed, which is 0. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. However, the mean differences of local and imported products were significantly different.

In comparison with product of India 1. However, the recorded level of Ni was higher in UAE products 0. In consequence, it originated the contamination water used for rice irrigation. In case of Pb, the recorded level was in the ranges of 0. The total arsenic, cadmium, and lead contents were lower than the established legislative values, except for total arsenic in one brown rice sample.

Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry

This study indicated the need to establish monitoring programs for emphasizing the study on this type of cereal, aiming at promoting the Public Health.

The results of Cadmium and Lead contents in samples of raw, washing, boiling – drained and cooking rice from 10 main agricultural areas in Gillan province; the north of Iran are shown in table 1 and 2 respectively. Results show that the mean content of Cadmium and Lead in all samples from Gillan province is over.

Zinc -- Determination of lead and cadmium contents -- Polarographic method The method is applicable to Zn 99, Zn 99,99 and Zn 99, Although these types of zinc do not normally contain any thallium or indium, these two elements, if present, can interfere in this determination.

Determination of Lead and Cadmium Contents and Microbial Contamination Assessment in Kohl DOI: / 36 | Page and mannitol salt agar while the cultures from sabouraud dextrose broth were streaked onto sabouraud dextrose agar. lead, cadmium and nickel contents of some oral antidiabetic agents, antilipemic agents and nrt Two antilipemic agents (atorvastatin 20 mg), one products exported from USA and the other one from Germany were studied for evaluation of their trace levels of Pb, Cd and Ni content (Table 8).

prepared for lead and cadmium determination (Figure S1). Kohl was sold in powder form in black, grey, brown, reddish brown and silver color, and it was also available in natural unprocessed form as .

Determination of lead and cadmium contents
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Determination of Lead and Cadmium Contents in Sausages from Iran | Essay Example