An analysis of the ways of reading by bartholomae and petrosky

The Ways of Reading methodology--for it is much more a system than it is a book--challenges teachers as much as it does students, a fact that I did not understand when I first began using it.

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Do we not trust our own beliefs. All the writing projects offered to the members of the class were promoted by readings, and students were expected to actively develop their own ideas and provide their own readings of assigned texts in their essays.

Join Essayworld today to view this entire essay and over 50, other term papers need the given tour to realize the beauty of the canyon, he sees it himself. This means one should be guided by his own impressions as they read, without asking for other opinions as confirmation. One of the components of this approach is the use of personal experiences, examples, stories, and knowledge for interpretive and persuasive purposes.

Be as formal or informal as you want. Analyzing your Reading Habits List all the reading you have done in the last week. I would argue that is even more true today with the advent of surveillance cameras everywhere, and increased government monitoring of citizens phone calls and email records in the name of Homeland Securituy.

Help them become aware of various reasons for reading, especially reading to think about issues. Cain Ways of Reading: Although Rich tells a story of her own, she does so to provide an illustration of an even larger story—one about what it means to be a woman and a writer.

Try to list as many texts as you can think of, no matter how short and unimportant they might seem. The teacher part of this imaginary experiment lasts only a couple of seconds, because Ways of Reading provides well-developed writing prompts as well as longer, carefully sequenced assignments.

To assess a textbook's potential to build on those constructs, I have found it valuable to approach the text from a student's point of view.

The perspectives that Bartholomae and Petrosky discuss on ideas and textual analysis are very interesting and in point of fact remind me of the thought process of which I use when analyzing a reading.

Instead, they require multiple readings, the first of which may be a more general one during which you get acquainted with the ideas presented in the text, its structure and style.

Use Reading for Invention Use reading and your responses to start your own formal writing projects. They might engage in "patchwriting" or "excessive repetition" of source material rather than synthesizing thoroughly. How did each of those purposes influence your reading strategies.

Once I was able to parallel my perspective to hers, it was just a matter of composing my own story. By writing reading responses, you are continuing the important work of critical reading which you began when you underlined interesting passages and took notes on the margins.

With respect to the second way, there is always something that you can miss and there is always a different perspective that can be brought to the table by either the teacher or a classmate.

Writing about what you read will help you not only to remember the argument which the author of the text is trying to advance less important for critical readingbut to create your own interpretations of the text you are reading more important.

They are not very useful because, if different people have different opinions that they are not willing to change or adjust, such people cannot work or think together. Name and Page Citation.

Want to read the rest of this paper. There was a supervisor placed in the tower to watch over the mad men in each cell. Prisons are the ultimate form of this kind of discipline and social control, and ultimately power, where the cost of wrongdoing is the loss of freedom.

Now, answer the following questions. Most of the times, scholars managed to put together theory and information and present one in relation to the other.

Critical reading, on the other hand, requires a different approach. Overall, writing, and understanding history implies a complex set of information and data. In fact these skills were so prevalent in the reading, they essentially comprised the entire essay Indians.

Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy. A suitable example occurs after the excerpt from Foucault's Discipline and Punish, "Panopticism. Also look through responses your classmates gave to your ideas about the text.

Every person could be seen as a victim. While your primary goal is exploration and questioning, make sure that others can understand your response. The first method is to read the text several times, and the second is to discuss it with my classmates and my teacher.

Finally, the Cold War can be seen as a particular, yet strange phenomenon in the history of humankind. Underline the key arguments that you believe the author of the text is making as well as any evidence, examples, and stories that seem interesting or important.

Active reading is about making connections, and your readers will appreciate your work because it will help them understand the text better. Academic writing usually requires students to read print sources, synthesize them, and write arguments with them.

The main text for the class was the anthology Ways of Reading edited by David Bartholomae and Anthony Petrosky that contains challenging and complex texts. Like for most of his classmates, this approach to reading and writing was new to Alex who said that he was used to reading “for information” or “for the main point.”. Ways of Reading: An Anthology for Writers (): David Bartholomae, Anthony Petrosky, Stacey Waite Ways of Reading has offered a uniquely exciting approach to first-year composition, integrating reading, writing, and critical thinking with a challenging selection of readings and editorial support.

By /5(8). David Bartholomae. David J. Bartholomae The Eighty fifth Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education, ed. with Anthony R.

Petrosky (Chicago. NSSE and The University of Chicago Press, ).

Commentary and Analysis of Susan Griffin’s Our Secret Essay

Ways of Reading. An Anthology for Writers, with Anthony R. Petrosky (Boston.

Susan Griffin Our Secret

Bedford Books, ). Seven editions. Freire, Paulo. “The “Banking” Concept of Education.” Ways of Reading. 8 th ed. Bartholomae, David and Anthony Petrosky. Boston: Bedford- St. Martin’s, Download Ways Of Reading An Anthology For Writers in PDF Format. You also can read online Ways Of Reading An Anthology For Writers and write the review about the book.

Author. David Bartholomae,Anthony Petrosky,Stacey Waite. Publisher. Bedford/St. Martin's. ISBN. Ways of Reading. An Anthology for Writers. Bartholomae, David, and Petrosky, Anthony.

Boston. Bedford/St.

Ways Of Reading And Jane Tompkins Essay

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An analysis of the ways of reading by bartholomae and petrosky
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The Book "ways of Reading" by Bartholomae - Essay